Introduction and the 9 Step System

Welcome and Damn Good Decision.. :)

Let's kick this off, my friend. I am so excited.

Hope you have gone through the Introduction Video.

The course will contain some videos, some text based on the lesson being taught, so make sure you check each page with additional videos, text or documents.

Is TShirt Profit Academy Right for you?

Its a great course if you are trying to learn the following -

1 - Sell TShirts Online on sites like Teespring, Teechip, MyDreamStore
2 - Sell TShirts Online using Shopify
3 - Sell any other Print on Demand product
4 - Sell products online using Facebook Ads

You see, I have given most emphasis on Facebook Ads as its the MOST IMPORTANT skill to have in this era.

If you master Facebook Ads, you can apply it to any product or business and can sell anything online. So keep an open mind while learning.

Here's my suggestion.

Schedule a fix time each day to learn from this course.

We all are busy. And its easy to get distracted with daily tasks and chores. But if you setup a FIX DAILY TIME dedicated towards learning this course, you will be motivated to learn each day.

Or better, setup a Google Calendar Alert - 1 Hour Each Day Minimum

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How to get Support?

The best way to get support is through the Premium Facebook Group linked above.
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Feel free to ask any doubts or queries. No questions is small. We have very helpful members in the group. So don't hesitate to ask anything.

You can also email me if need personal assistance, but due to huge number of emails, I might take 24-48 hours for reply.